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Harvard Apparatus Completes The Aquisition Of Amika Corporation

July 17, 2000
Harvard Apparatus Completes The Aquisition Of Amika Corporation

Harvard Apparatus Inc. (HAI) of Holliston, MA, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all the assets of AmiKa Corp., whose products are at the heart of much of today's gene and protein discovery. Founded in 1996, AmiKa has developed a strong portfolio of patented products and kits for biological preparation and purification based on novel dialysis, pipette tip coatings and spin column technologies. These products provide unique solutions for micro-volume sample preparation in the genomic and proteomic markets. Based in Columbia, Maryland, AmiKa has built up a strong base of customers based on their novel systems.

Harvard has a strong technology base for the life science and drug screening markets with its recent acquisitions and licensing activities, including ScanToxÔ (an in vitro toxicology system that provides an alternative to drug testing in animals), Hugo Sachs (isolated in vitro organ systems), NavicyteÔ (diffusion chambers for secondary drug screening) and the MED System (secondary drug screening for neural stimulation). The acquisition of AmiKa allows Harvard access to the genomic and proteomic research and high throughput screening markets in sample preparation, hence strengthening Harvard's position in drug discovery.

Harvard will continue its R&D initiatives in genomics, proteomics and high throughput screening with research and licensing contracts with Dr. Ashok Shukla, President and Founder of AmiKa, as well as continuing to expand its in house applications and development activities.

In making the announcement, Harvard's CEO, Chane Graziano said, "We are excited AmiKa has become part of Harvard Apparatus. The acquisition is part of our strategy to establish Harvard in the proteomic and drug-screening field. The unique strengths of the AmiKa technology has enabled AmiKa to achieve remarkable success. With our strength in marketing and distribution, we plan to continue the dynamic growth of AmiKa and add to our growth in drug screening and proteomics."

The manufacture, marketing and distribution of the AmiKa products will be relocated to Harvard's facility in Holliston, MA.

For further information, please contact HAI; Chane Graziano, CEO or David Green, President at (800) 272-2775.

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